Ndivo lets…

…small businesses easily design, perfectly print, and quickly receive their branded products and marketing materials anywhere.

Ndivo is here because…

  1. …for small businesses in Africa, getting branded products and marketing materials requires multiple visits and phone calls to a print shop
  2. .…small business owners have to sit down for long hours in a print shop for someone to design their work before it’s printed.

Ndivo lets…

  1. …small businesses eliminate the need for a graphic designer, by using our robust and simple product design tool.
  2. …small businesses seamlessly send their final designs to a vetted printer, who prints and delivers the next day.

Ndivo is built with…

  1. Javascript
  2. PHP

Our key features are…

  1. 300+ Pre-Built Design Templates
  2. Export & Import Designs
  3. Unlimited Clipart Stocks
  4. Text Effects & Image Filters
  5. Social Media Photo Import
  6. QR Code Generator
  7. 1,000+ Fonts & Shapes
  8. Design Collaboration

Ndivo lets…

…you select your desired product material, print technology and delivery time, hence increasing accuracy and flexibility.

Ndivo wants to…

…give everyone the power to design and print anything, anytime, anywhere, at the speed of thought.

Ndivo will do this by…

…giving them a robust and easy-to-use product designer to create any design idea, and find the perfect printer nearby to bring it to life.

The Team

Chidi Nwaogu: Nwaogu is the Team Lead. Before Ndivo, Nwaogu has co-founded, grown and sold two successful startup companies within four years.
Email: chidi@ndivo.com

Solomon Igori: Igori is the Technical Lead. Before Ndivo, Igori was the Team Manager of University of Benin’s Prototype Car Design for Shell Eco-Marathon 2016.
Email: igori@ndivo.com

The founders met at…

…Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology while studying Software Engineering, Business & Communications on a scholarship.