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    • This is the most important part of our product design editor. It is a preview and workspace for all layers you have added so far.

      To adjust layer, simply click on them or select all of them via drag mouse.

      There are several parts of the design area:

      1. Current colours: All the colours used in the design area. Colours extracted from images, text and other resources.
      2. Zoom tools: Zoom in and out of the design area.
      3. Stages Switcher: Switch design views to other stages (or sides) of the product.
      4. Toolbar: The options for selected layers.
      5. Borders: The range of arranged layers
    • Thank you for choosing our tool. We at Ndivo are confident that you will be satisfied with Ndivo Product Designer – a powerful design tool for all your product design and printing needs.

      If you have any questions beyond the scope of this guide, or suggestions regarding our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

      Ndivo Product Designer works on multi-products. It helps users design anything without limitation.

      Here are some of the key features:

      1. Design Templates with a big number of pre-designed, ready to use templates.
      2. Clipart, Image Stock, Social Media Import with tons of objects and images for user’s design ideas.
      3. UI/UX improved to give you the best experience ever.
      4. Import / Export Design: Users can continue to edit design while moving to other devices.
      5. Draw, Text Effect, Layer Mask, Crop Image, Filter Effect Images, QR Code, are all supported.
      6. 800+ Google Font ready to use and updated every day.
      7. Redo / Undo and Shortcut Keys: Powerful features to work with while using Ndivo.
      8. And a lot of other features ahead waiting for you!
    • Ndivo has a lot of resources that lets you upload your image, use our unlimited clipart and shape stocks to create your design, and much more. Of course, with Ndivo, you can see the product information and attributes, and change the printing and delivery methods as well, to suit your taste. Ndivo is flexible, so it’s completely up to you to customize every little detail from design to printing to delivery.

      Our product designer has the following features:

      1. Product
      2. Templates
      3. Layers
      4. Text
      5. Cliparts
      6. Shapes
      7. Images
      8. Drawing

      Let’s check each of them out.

      Product Info

      This tab includes the product information and attribute. From here you can change to other products quickly via the “Change Product” button. There are colour options for you to select. When you change an attribute or select printing method the price is updated automatically.

      To add a product to cart, just click the “Add To Cart” button. After adding to cart, you can change design or attribute, but the cart information is not updated with new changes unless you click on the “Update Cart” button.


      Design templates are a list of the template which we’ve prepared for your use. You can add them to a product with just one click.

      We have over 300 installed templates on Ndivo.


      All layers in which you have added to design will be displayed on this tab. You can show or hide layers via our “visibility” option, or simply delete layers you don’t have need for anymore.

      To change order to back or forward to other layers, just drag and drop the layer.

      Lock or unlock layers to disable or enable modification on them.


      To use text in your design, just click this tab and select pre-made texts or select the font style you want to add, then click to add them.

      To show more font styles, just press “Load more 1000+ Fonts” and a popup shows up, which allows you to add more fonts to your list.


      This tab includes over 3,000 installed clipart stocks, which you can use with one click. This tab allows you to create amazing design ideas. Just like the ‘Templates’ tab, you can use the search box and categories filter to find relevant resources quickly.

      To view more details about clipart, simply mouseover the (i) icon and a large viewer will soon show up with more details about the clipart. To add clipart to a product, just click on them.


      Similar to clipart, this tab allows you to create beautiful design ideas via the search box and categories filter. The difference is that shapes are in a vector format, which lets your design have smooth details when you zoom in, and you can export in large sizes without any loss in quality.

      To add shapes to your product, just click on them. We have over 90 installed shapes.


      This tab allows you to upload your pictures, or get them from your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. We also have unlimited image stocks from Pixabay and Openclipart, which you can make use of with just one click.


      This tab lets you create freehand drawing designs. You can select a colour and size of the brush.

      Just click on the colour you want to use and draw what you want into the design area.

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      All Rights Reserved.

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  • Text
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  • Shapes
  • Drawing
  • Layers
Click or drop images here

    Click or drag to add text

    Free drawing mode

    Save this color
      Tips: Mouse wheel on the canvas to quick change the brush size

        Bug Reporting

        Please let us know if you find any bugs on this design tool or just your opinion to improve the tool.

        Tips: If you want to send content with screenshots or videos, you can upload them to imgur.com or any drive services and put links here.

        • Start designing by adding objects from the left side
        • All selected objects are grouped | Ungroup?
        • Group objects Group the position of selected objects
          • Fill options

            Save this color

          • Create QRCode
          • Options
            • Automatically align the position of
              the active object with other objects
            • ON: Keep all current objects and append the template into
              OFF: Clear all objects before installing the template
            • Replace the selected image object instead of creating a new one
          • Replace image
          • Crop
          • Mask
            • Select mask layer

          • Remove background
            • Remove background

            • Deep:

            • Mode:

          • Filters
            • Filters

              • Original
              • B&W
              • Satya
              • Doris
              • Sanna
              • Vintage
              • Gordon
              • Carl
              • Shaan
              • Tonny
              • Peter
              • Greg
              • Josh
              • Karen
              • Melissa
              • Salomon
              • Sophia
              • Adrian
              • Roxy
              • Singe
              • Borg
              • Ventura
              • Andy
              • Vivid
              • Purple
              • Thresh
              • Aqua
              • Edge wood
              • Aladin
              • Amber
              • Anne
              • Doug
              • Earl
              • Kevin
              • Polak
              • Stan

            • Brightness:

            • Saturation:

            • Contrast:

          • Clear Filters
          • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
          • QRCode text
          • Fill options
            • Fill options

              Save this color

              • Transparent:

              • Stroke width:

              • Stroke color:

            • Ungroup position
            • Arrange layers
            • Position
              • Object position

                Lock object position:

              • Center vertical
              • Top left
              • Top center
              • Top right
              • Center Horizontal
              • Middle left
              • Middle center
              • Middle right
              • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
              • Bottom left
              • Bottom center
              • Bottom right
            • Transforms
              • Rotate:

              • Skew X:

              • Skew Y:

              • Flip X:
                Flip Y:

                Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

            • Font family
            • Edit text
              • Edit text

              • Font size:

              • Letter spacing

              • Line height

            • Text Effects
              • Text effects

              • Radius

              • Spacing

              • Curve

              • Height

              • Offset

              • Trident

            • Text align
            • Uppercase / Lowercase
            • Font weight bold
            • Text style italic
            • Text underline

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