How It Works


Ndivo is a professional product designer tool, built with HTML5 + JavaScript technologies. It has many powerful exclusive features and top-friendly interface to help you easily design any product idea.

How easy is it?

Ndivo gives you the freedom to design and customize any product idea, ranging from t-shirts to shopping bags. At the speed of thought, we handle everything for you, from printing to delivery. Our simple and easy-to-use product designer makes it easy for you to bring your brand to life.

Customize it to your taste.

Select a product on the “Product” tab and customize it to your taste. Add images, edit texts, change fonts using our powerful product designer. Checkout and make payment with your bank card, or via bank transfer or our listed mobile money providers. Do you have an existing design for your product? You can easily upload them using our image uploader.

Checkout and expect your products delivered to you the next day.

Wherever you are in Ghana, your order will be delivered to you without delay, and we are very certain you will love it.

Online Resources

Ndivo has 20,000+ clipart stocks from your favourite stocks such as Pixabay, Openclipart, and social networks. At the moment, Ndivo supports both Facebook and Instagram.

Multi Printable Products

Ndivo supports many kinds of products for printing. Easily design t-shirts, shopping bags, hoodies, sneakers, business cards, stickers, and much more.

Mobile & Tablet Supported

With Ndivo, you can design on any of your devices, then place your order from anywhere, and we’ll print it as it is, and deliver to you wherever you are.

Selectable Print Methods

We offer different printing methods used in the print services industry.

800+ Google fonts

Ndivo has all Google fonts pre-installed, so you can let your creativity run wild. We also have the unique ‘Ndivo’ font, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Exclusive on our product designer, and guess what? That’s the same font used in creating our logo!

Now you can…

…Focus on the things you love

Are you a business owner? Are graphic designers too expensive to hire? Ndivo helps you save time finding design templates, clipart and images online, because Ndivo has all of them.

…Make a good impression on your customers

With every moment you use Ndivo, that’s a new opportunity to make your customers happy, and increase your sales conversion rate. Ndivo lets your brand come to life.

…Have the freedom to design

Ndivo is a powerful tool for your amazing product ideas. Anything you can think of, Ndivo can help you create it, hassle-free. Let’s make you rock!